The Art of Hey Diddle


At Hey Diddle we believe the art lies not just in the vineyard, the winemaking, or the label, but the symbiotic relationship of them all and the story it tells.

The Hey Diddle brand and label art is a fortunate collaboration with Burleigh Heads based graphic designer/illustrator Luke Day. Originally an Adelaide native we felt Luke could identify with what we wanted Hey Diddle to portray. Luke was kind enough to answer a few questions about his craft below.

How would you describe your artistic style?
I suppose it's a minimal approach, especially the stuff I've been working on lately. Maybe calming, I like too think it has a calming effect.

Besides knowing Brad from your younger days, what drew you to the Hey Diddle Project?
Working on a wine label is something I've never done before, so that was a definite draw point. Also, what Hey Diddle is as a company, I felt like it was something I could connect with.

Can you talk us through the ideas you were trying to convey in the Shiraz label?
With Hey Diddle being what it is, four mates with four different stories to tell, I decided to start with Brad's. As you mentioned before I've known Brad since we were groms, so it was easiest to begin with him. Having both grown up in the western suburbs of Adelaide, from playing footy in the winter to spending time at the beach and jetty jumping in the sweltering summers, they're things that I could instantly relate to. I suppose I was trying to convey that feeling, the warmth you get from those memories.

Have you got any hints for us about where you might go with the upcoming Monte label?
Just a bunch of questions for you guys so far, we'll figure something out haha.

You can check out Luke’s other work on instagram: @lukehday