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Learn a little more about the boys behind the bottle

From little things, big things grow

Hey Diddle Wines, where Port Adelaide Players, a Winemaker, and a Dream Collide! In 2017, Tom Jonas (TJ), Brad Ebert (Ebo), and Ben Chipman (Chippy) united to create something extraordinary in the Barossa region. Hey Diddle stands apart by blending different grape varieties, employing modern winemaking techniques, and embracing a funky and youthful brand identity.

What do you get? Highly sought-after wines that captivate the senses and tell a unique story. From vineyard to bottle, every sip of Hey Diddle embodies their relentless pursuit of excellence and general love for winemaking.

Indulge in their captivating collection, where diverse flavours and exceptional quality intertwine. Experience the magic that happens when two Port Adelaide players, a passionate winemaker, and a dream converge. Welcome to Hey Diddle Wines, where charisma meets craftsmanship.

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