A club full of characters...

Hey Diddle welcomes you to join The Hey Diddle Wine Club and become one of our valued team members.

The Hey Diddle Wine Club is a personalized subscription service, that provides you with a regular curated box based around the seasons of Hey Diddle wines delivered to your door. You pick your wine preference, how much wine you want - and how often you want it - and we take care of the rest.

You can choose between a reds based box (including some whites) or a white based box (that includes some reds).

Joining The Hey Diddle Wine Club also gives you:

- Exclusive 10% discount on all Hey Diddle wines online 
- VIP access to Hey Diddle and partner events
- Our newly released Malbec Cabernet with your first box only, making it tremendous value

So what are you waiting for, join a club full of characters just like yourself and gain box seat treatment when you receive Hey Diddle's most premium wines along with some tricks of the trade on our winemaking styles, techniques and varieties.

So c'mon, join us.