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Glam Adelaide - July 2018 - Madeline Hosking

Glam Adelaide - July 2018 - Madeline Hosking

Let’s set the scene… Think back to those pearler and absolutely pristine South Aussie summer days, where you were either relaxing in the backyard listening to music with mates, or taking weekend trips to the river, or maybe kicking the footy around with the boys. Perhaps you were soaking up the sunshine down at Henley, or laying leisurely by the pool. Those relaxed vibes are the essence of Hey Diddle Wines, and the boys aim to take out some of the pretentiousness that comes with wine-making, and instead offer an affordable and approachable selection of local wines.

Hey Diddle Wines are the most recent addition to the Barossa Valley’s winery collective and so far have crafted 207 cases of a beautiful, 2017, single vineyard shiraz. Harvested by hand and straight from vineyard to bottle, the boys behind Hey Diddle are bringing their A-game.

So who are these lads exactly?

You’ll find Ben Chipman, Brad Ebert, Tom Jonas, and Toby Yap, busily perfecting the art of wine making. Chipman and Yap are sure to provide years of experience and knowledge having already established the good name of Tomfoolery Wines in 2004.

I had a chat to Tom Jonas, and asked him what inspired the creation of Hey Diddle Wines. “Ebo and I are just really passionate about wine and wanted to showcase South Australia and all it has to offer. We were fortunate enough to meet Toby and Ben, so have paired up with them to help bring this all together.”

So, will they be opening a cellar door? Well, the chances are high! TJ said that he’d love to open one in Adelaide and showcase other, smaller South Australian producers. We’d be keen for that! In the coming months you can expect a lighter, fruitier red made from grapes of the Montepulciano (just call it Monte for short) region in Tuscany, Italy. “There will be a third variety in 2019, and we’re aiming to have a white blend ready by then too,” said TJ.

Hey Diddle Wines reflect the purest form of the Holy Trinity of wine making, Vineyard, Variety and Vintage, through minimal intervention, and using only gentle techniques throughout the fermentation process. You may be wondering what ‘single vineyard shiraz’ means – well, aside from the obvious, that the grapes are grown in the same vineyard, it means the particular vineyard, and the grapes grown there, have been isolated from all other vineyards due to its superiority. Because of the combination of elements suited to grape growing at that particular location, it is classified as ‘superior’. The combination of soil, topographical features, water quality, sunlight and the daily temperatures are all elements that are balanced and harmonious, which is needed to create premium quality grapes.

But wait, there’s more! Adelaide boy Luke Day is the artist behind Hey Diddle’s funky labels. A long time mate of Ebert’s, Day has skilfully captured the essence of relaxing summer vibes through contrasting colours and a minimalistic approach. “I was scrolling through Instagram and loved his artwork, I then showed it to Ebo who coincidentally grew up with him! That’s Adelaide for you!” said TJ. Day was super keen to get involved with the Hey Diddle boys, and only reinforces the notion of ‘SA Great’.

TJ and Ebo also dabble in a bit of footy, and I asked Tom about how he’ll juggle both jobs. “Hey Diddle acts as a great release from footy, it’s a place to be able to get away for a bit and relax. Whether I’m waxing the bottles, picking grapes or talking a walk through the vineyards, it acts as the perfect escape.”
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